Jennifer Joannides

-Artisan in love with fashion and especially jewelry, being very passionate about the creation and the materials contained in my everyday jewelry, I decided to take an interest in it.

-One morning I did not know what to wear out of wearing the same jewelry every day, which was becoming more and more expensive and sometimes not worth it in view of the materials and the finish of certain products.

-This is where I decided to train, I worked very hard to be able to make my own jewelry as refined as good quality.

-But for that I had to have material and more, components.

-It was a revelation I said to myself, that's it and nothing else, I decided to invest all my savings in order to get all the necessary materials as well as the components, but I often came across poor quality components ...

-Then one day when a friend of mine told me about the possibilities of partnering with Swarovski and that I could create my own jewelry with components identifying Swarovski and of super quality, I jumped at the opportunity.

-This is how everything started and my partner joined me when he saw my dedication and the passion that I brought to my creations.

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